Handling Guide


Production and export of avocados from Colombia have increased rapidly in the last few years. As a result of agreements relating to phytosanitary requirements, exports to the USA have increased in importance. This is especially so after the amendment of the phytosanitary regulations, which makes it more practical to comply.

While exporters do have protocols in place for fruit being exported to other destinations, exports to the USA are increasing rapidly from a low base, and also require some different approaches due to the need to integrate the requirements of different markets, as well as packaging, transport and distribution which differ. It would therefore be useful if all producers, packers and shippers have a set of guidelines from which to work.

Once fruit arrives in the USA, it may go to many different destinations, and be treated in various ways depending on final destination and the distribution chain before arriving at the final consumer. The fruit may also be mixed with fruit from other sources. This means that there could be many different protocols being used by the various exporters and importers.