Colombia Avocado Board Debuts New Brand

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Colombia Avocado Board Debuts New Brand

Begins to Build Awareness for Colombian Avocados to Capture Increased U.S. Demand

Orlando, FL (November 9, 2021) – The Colombia Avocado Board is excited to reveal its new brand image as part of a new strategic plan to increase Colombian avocado imports to the U.S.  The initiative is focused on building B2B relationships with U.S. buyers and sharing information about Colombia avocados to highlight their strengths and their opportunity to help supplement the growing U.S. avocado market.

“As we kicked off our new strategy, it was important that our logo captured the essence of the diverse ecosystem and tropical rainforests of Colombia,” said Pedro Aguilar, chairman of CAB.  Aguilar continued, “The Andes is the backdrop of our home and the shades of green in the logo emulate the rich green colors of the country’s flora and fauna, while the tree pays homage to the wax palm, the national tree of Colombia.”

Although the tropical rainforests are part of what makes Colombia special, it’s the direct access to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans that makes Colombia uniquely positioned to deliver avocados to the east coast of the U.S. in ten days or less, and the west coast in under two weeks.   “When looking at the projected retail and foodservice demand in the United States, Colombia is perfectly positioned to help meet those demands head on and provide another market solution,” said Aguilar.

William Watson, managing director of CAB shared, “Our goal is to build awareness for CAB and align with importers and buyers of avocados to show them that the Colombian Avocado program has the quality and volume to provide another category solution for a hungry U.S. consumer.”

Colombia is ecologically diverse boasting some of the greatest diversity in the world, along with three different tropical mountain ranges which provide the perfect avocado growing conditions for a year-round season.  Aguilar is filled with enthusiasm when he remarks, “We have fantastic growing conditions, consistent rainfall, and the capability to create extended seasons for avocados.” Aguilar also noted that this unique terrain allows Colombia to have two growing seasons for avocados that make avocados available 365 days a year. The primary season is known as ‘in-season’ and harvest takes place from October – March and represents two-thirds of the total harvest.  The secondary season known as ‘off-bloom’ runs from May – August and represents the remaining portion of the crop.

Watson concluded, “This is an exciting time to be part of a category that has shown such rapid growth and work with an organization that is poised to grow into the space as they create new marketing and awareness tools.”

You can find the Colombia Avocado Board and their new brand at the New York Produce Show where they will provide insight on sourcing Colombian avocados.

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About Colombia Avocado Board

The mission of CAB is to build the tools to work in sync with the Hass Avocado Board to cultivate consumers in the United States by aligning growers, exporters, and importers together under one cohesive marketing effort focused on Colombian avocados.  CAB was certified by USDA on January 7, 2020, under the authorization of the Hass Avocado Promotion, Research, and Information Act of 2000 (7 U.S.C. 7801-7813).  For more information or a full list of the Board of Directors and committee assignments, visit the “Who We Are” section of avocadoscolombia.com or contact William Watson, Managing Director of CAB at [email protected].